Welcome to streamingaudiovideo.com

This website from Las Vegas local Dr. Woody Goulart, a professional business coach and consultant, will show you how you can do audio and video streaming from where you now are living without traveling to an external workplace or employer location. Don’t worry, the procedures for making streaming work are exactly the same whether you are streaming for free or charging for the content you stream.

You can use internet streaming for:

  • coaching adults to boost their awareness and skills
  • consulting organizations to boost their outcomes
  • educating adults to boost their skills
  • entertaining audiences with your music, poetry, oral interpretations, etc.
  • lecturing adults online for awareness and knowledge
  • marketing downloadable digital products (eBooks, images, etc.)
  • mentoring adults to boost their their skills
  • ministering your faith and values to your followers
  • showcasing your art in an online gallery
  • storytelling using your original works
  • teaching adults to boost their skills
  • training adults to boost their skills
  • tutoring adults to boost their skills

Shine a Light

Dr. Woody says: “During these tremendously challenging times brought on by a worldwide contagious virus, our interacting face-to-face with others can literally be a health risk for us. I have free suggestions for you during this era of uncertainty about the safety of face-to-face interactions that are based on my own hands-on experience over several decades using internet technology. I can show you how you can serve your down-to-earth business needs without the need to have any face-to-face contact with other people. I call this free collection of suggestions Shine a Light. This simple phrase can mean so much more to you than merely bringing light into a place where now there is only darkness. Visit my Shine a Light section of this website where I give away (free) suggestions for real-world strategies and tactics you can put to use to generate revenue through the use of today’s technology such as streaming audio and video.”

Questions? Send email to vegasdrwoody@gmail.com.