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Very simply, streaming is defined as data sent out using a device over a computer network to recipients who use devices to receive what is sent.


The network can be globally available around our entire planet such as the internet. Or the network can be limited within one local, physical space connecting one device with or without wires to another device.


The most simple form of streaming data is one person’s voice being sent out in real time or by way or a recording out to recipients over the network. Or, the data can be one person’s voice along with that same one person’s likeness sent out in real time or by way of a recording to recipients over the network.

The most complicated form of streaming involves more than one or two people’s voices along with more than one or two people’s likenesses sent out in real time or by way of a recording to recipients who interact with the senders and each other.


The most basic model of streaming has four elements:

  • at least one sender
  • devices
  • transmission and reception over a network
  • at least one recipient

Devices / Tools

We human beings need devices and tools to get everyday stuff done in our lives here in the real world. A good way of thinking about this is when we need to cook an egg, we will need more than just the egg. We will also need a proper device (a heated pan) and proper tools (a spoon or spatula) to stir or flip the egg while cooking it. Without these devices and tools, we will not be successful cooking an egg.

A similar reality is true with streaming. There is no way around the fact that we human beings need proper devices and proper tools to accomplish streaming.

We need to gather together the proper devices and the proper tools to get started streaming. Then we need to follow certain procedures for streaming to work.

Not Free

Are the devices and the tools free of charge? No.

If you expect to get free devices and free tools, you simply have the wrong expectations. The alternative is to have the correct or right expectations. Why? When you maintain the correct or right expectations in your mind, you invite success into your life.

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